What’s that Scarf?

Scouts wear scarves to identify which Group they belong to. Here are some of the scarves you may see in an around Woking District

Local Scout Groups

Pyrford Scout Group:

_Scarf Pyrford

1st Brookwood:

_Scarf 1st Brookwood

1st Byfleet:

_Scarf 1st Byfleet

1st Goldsworth Park:

_Scarf 1st Goldsworth Park

1st Horsell:

_Scarf 1st Horsell

1st Knaphill:

_Scarf 1st Knaphill

1st Old Woking:

_Scarf 1st Old Woking

1st Send (St Mary’s):

_Scarf 1st Send St Marys

1st St Johns:

_Scarf 1st St Johns

1st West Byfleet:

_Scarf 1st West Byfleet

7th Woking:

_Scarf 7th Woking

8th Woking:

_Scarf 8th Woking


_Scarf Sheerwater

Explorer Units

Challengers (Knaphill):

_Scarf Exp Challengers

Martians (Horsell):

_Scarf Exp Martians

Mavericks (Westfield):

_Scarf Exp Mavericks

Phoenix (Byfleet):

_Scarf Exp Phoenix

Wey Ahead (Pyrford):

_Scarf Exp Wey Ahead

Other Scarves

Woking District:

_Scarf Woking Disctrict

Woking “Aviators” Network Scouts:

1st Gilwell. Sometimes worn by adult Leaders who have completed their Wood Badge training and are not affiliated to any particular Group or District. The badge is Maclaren tartan, in memory of William de Bois Maclaren who purchased Gilwell Park on behalf of the Scouts in 1919:

_Scarf Gilwell

UK Scouts. As worn by the Chief Scout and sometimes worn by UK Scouts when travelling abroad:

_Scarf UK Scouts